For most people looking to buy a property, a mortgage is needed to provide them with financial support and enable them to buy something which matches their needs and their finances.

New schemes are introduced all of the time, and with variables such as length of mortgage, type (e.g. first time buyer, joint, buy to let) and deposit requirements, it can be daunting to try to decide what suits you best.

We are able to offer advice on the whole of the market (of mortgages, so we are not restricted to certain lenders) and give exclusive rates to our customers.

We can also offer personal loans to help customers find the deposit.

Some things to bear in mind when looking for a mortgage:

  • Your income, debts and outgoings will all be taken into consideration, so make sure you have a good idea of these figures
  • Be aware that there can be restrictions on the type of mortgage you have
  • Fees can be incurred, including for arranging the mortgage, securing a certain rate and for property valuation and survey
  • What interest you may have to pay, and how often
  • Will there be a charge for paying more than the minimum monthly repayment or if you pay it off early?
  • What the standard rate will be after a fixed rate period ends