Personal Insurance
Complete Financial Group offers a range of insurances for your day to day life, giving the best cover for a term that suits you and providing you with peace of mind.

Life Insurance
If the worst was to happen, you'd want to know that your family was provided for. Our insurance does just that, meaning that living costs, household bills and even mortgage payments are covered if you die during the term of the policy.

Income Protection
If you become ill or have an accident which leaves you unable to work, income protection will pay out a sum based on a percentage of your monthly salary to enable you to meet living costs and any additional expenses.

Critical Illness Cover
It's difficult to imagine, but if you were diagnosed with a serious illness (a list of what we cover is available), some of the worry could be lifted by knowing you will receive a cash sum based on a pre-agreed policy.

Private Medical
Hospital resources are increasingly stretched and waiting times for appointments are getting longer. Having this cover enables you to be fast-tracked for both treatments and consultations and treated at either a private or NHS hospital for any short-term, curable conditions.

Building and Contents
Building cover is for your home, including the walls and floors, roof and ceilings and internal and external doors, plus any permanent fixtures. You're protected for storm damage, falling trees, gas leaks and freezing. Contents insurance is everything within, from carpets and furniture to clothing, jewellery and recreational items. It's important to correctly assess the value of all of these to make sure you're covered.