Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning
It isn't easy to think about a future when you are no longer here or able to make your own decisions, but careful planning is essential so your loved ones know what you want to happen to your estate. Complete Financial Group offer the following:

Lasting Power of Attorney
Having this in place prepares for a time in the future when you may lack the mental capacity to make the right decisions for yourself. You appoint someone to manage financial and property affairs or to look after your health and welfare, so that you are cared for and your wishes met.

Funeral Plans
Funeral costs are increasing annually, and it's best to plan ahead so that family members aren't worrying about this at a difficult time. You can arrange everything in advance, from coffin, burial or cremation and what kind of service you would like. You can pay in instalments or a lump sum.

Funeral Plans fix the cost of the funeral at today's prices, with the money being held 'in trust', to grow at a pre-determined rate, to be able to meet the future cost, so that when the funds are needed, there is enough 'in the pot' to cover the cost.

Estate Planning

Having a will written enables you to let people know how you want your estate to be distributed and makes sure your final requests are carried out. You can write it yourself but it's best to have support, and it must be formally signed and witnessed to make it legal.

Dying without a valid will in place, means that you die 'intestate', when the Government will take over and administer your estate via the Court of Protection, which means all your assets are frozen, the process can take many months, even years sometimes to administer, and then there are the costs involved, which can mount up considerably!! Why take the risk? Get your affairs sorted today.

Trust planning is a way of managing your assets so that everything is managed for your beneficiaries. This gives you more flexibility, such as when and how much you give someone. You can make provisions for living and potential grandchildren or make a gift to someone which, in the event of their death, could revert to someone else.

There are different types of Trusts with a varied range of protection, depending on client need. Some can be also be useful for Inheritance Planning